Penerapan Metode ARIMA untuk Prediksi Harga Komoditi Bawang Merah di Kota Tegal

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Halim Afridar
Gunawan Gunawan
Wresti Andriani


Horticultural agricultural products have a fairly large role in Indonesia, especially shallot products, shallots are now included in the main food ingredients in Indonesia. Recently, the price of shallots in the market has fluctuated and soared every year, this is due to the high demand for shallots, but the implementation of production is limited to seasonal nature. The study that will be used in this exploration is to utilize ARIMA research, ARIMA research is a technique that according to scientists is suitable for this exploration title because the strategy used is to collect time series information. The motivation behind this exploration was to determine the costing of using shallots in Tegal City. The information used in this study is public information obtained online regarding the cost of using shallots in Tegal City from the use of the Essential Food Value Data Center (PIHPS) obtained on the page. The information used for ARIMA examination is monthly fee information obtained in Tegal City from August 2017 to July 2022 with a total of 63 cost datasets. By utilizing this unique strategy, the estimated cost of using shallots in Tegal City until December 2023 is obtained by obtaining information on the cost of utilization which continues to increase.

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H. Afridar, G. Gunawan, and W. Andriani, “Penerapan Metode ARIMA untuk Prediksi Harga Komoditi Bawang Merah di Kota Tegal”, ijir, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 18–29, Nov. 2022.