Three Level of Description Analysis on Simple Declarative Sentence in Taylor Swift's Album "1989"


  • Elsa Nahdya Andrani


Simple Declarative Sentences, Three Levels of Description, Taylor Swift's Album


This study is about three levels of description on simple declarative sentences in taylor swift’s album “1989â€. To collect the data, the writers use descriptive qualitative and Simak Bebas Libat Cakap (SBLC) as the method. The writers use Aarts theory (2001) to analyse simple declarative sentences and set of three levels of description. From the results of three levels of description on taylor swift’s album “1989â€, it can be concluded that there are 138 simple declarative sentences. There are only 6 simple declarative sentences which have similar structure, which are: He says; I said; I did; I wish; He said; and We run. For the similar structure, function structure can be realized through S → S + P, form analysis is realized through S/MC → NP + VP, and thematic role can be identified through S → Agent + Predicate. The other sentences may have same structure in function but they have different structures in form or thematic role or otherwise.