Inflectional and Derivational Analysis on Affixes in Justin Bieber's Album "Purpose"


  • Durotul Masfufah



Inflectional, Derivation, Affixes, Justin Bieber's Album


The aim of this study is to analyze inflectional and derivational affixes found in Justin Bieber’s album “Purposeâ€. The source of data is Justin Bieber;s album “Purposeâ€. In this thesis, the writer applies Morphology theory from Mc Charthy in 2002. This study is descriptive qualitative which implements SBLC (Simak Bebas Libat Cakap) to collect the data. The technique of data analysis is Teknik Bagi Unsur Langsung. The writer takes several steps to analyze the data which are: downloading the song lyrics, reading the song lyrics one by one carefully, listing the words that would be analyzed by her into the rule of word structure and tree diagrams, drawing all of inflection and derivation, identifying the elements which found in inflection and derivation (prefix, root, and suffix), describing the analysis in each identification, and drawing a conclusion from her analysis. The analyzed inflectional forms by using rule and derivational forms are used tree diagram and rule. This study shows that there are 170 words which consist of 121 inflectional forms, 45 derivational forms, and 4 inflectional and derivational forms. From 121 inflectional forms, they contain 82 verb forms, 20 Noun forms, 9 Adjective forms, 7 Auxiliaries and 3 Pronouns. From 45 derivational forms, they consist of 12 Adjective forms, 27 Noun forms, 2 Verb forms, and 4 Adverb forms. From 4 inflectional and derivational forms, they comprise 3 Nouns derived from Verbs and 1 Noun derived from Noun.