English Teaching Method for Students with Special Needs at Extraordinary Senior High School of Mutiara Hati Bumiayu in the Academic Year 2022/2023


  • Zanuar Fadli Muzaky




This study reveals the English teaching method for students with special needs at Extraordinary Senior High School of Mutiara Hati Bumiayu. The study investigates the process of classroom instruction, teaching methods, obstacles, and alternative strategies of the English teacher during teaching-learning activities. The study uses a case study as the research design, and there are two data collection methods; interview and observation. Both interviews and observation are applied to gain data on the English teacher and inclusion teacher’s strategies in teaching students with special needs. The findings discover the teachers teaching methods i.e. the Grammar Translation Method (GTM) and Total Physical Response (TPR). There are some obstacles in teaching English, such as the students’ moods change and lack understanding of the materials. In this case, the English teacher had alternatives to handle the obstacles, such as guiding the students with behavioral approach, and reducing the learning standard.


Keywords: English Teaching Method, Students witt Special Needs, Extraordinary Senior School.