Code Switching Used by English Department Students of Pancasakti University on Facebook


  • Yoga Prihatin



code switching, types, functions


This study particularly focuses on code switching on the Facebook wall of a group of Facebook of English Department Student in Pancasakti University in Tegal because Facebook becomes a phenomenon among site communities in this world. The objectives of the study are to find out types and functions of code switching on students’posting on facebook wall of a group discussion of English Department students at Pancasakti University in Tegal. Situational code-switching is the most frequently occurs (4 occurencess or 66%) of the 6 postings and metaphorical code-switching is the least only 33% or 2 occurencess of the 6 postings. The functions of code-switching found are interjection  (2 occurences or 9,5%), repetition (3 occurencess or 14%), addresse specification (6occurencesor 28,5%), message qualification (9 occurences or 43%), personalization and objectification (1 occurences or 5%). The resut shows that message qualification is the most significant function. It means the shift of the language mainly to qualify a previous message which the commentator or the writer believes it would be better understood.