The Attempt of Improving Activities and writing Ability in Procedure Text through Demonstration Method


  • Tomtowi Tomtowi


improve, writing ability, procedure text, demonstration method


The aim of the research is to increase students' activities and abilities in learning to write procedure texts for English subjects by using a demonstration method for students of class VIII B Kedungbanteng Secondary School 1. This research is motivated by the problem of the low activity of students in learning English and still not achieving classical learning completeness as the analysis of test scores on the ability to write in the initial conditions in the amount of 7 students or 20%, whereas the classical learning completeness criteria which  has been determined is 75%. Research efforts to overcome this problem are applying the demonstration method. From the results of the implementation of classroom action research taken place in 2 research cycles, it can be concluded that the average percentage of student activity in the initial conditions is 47.99%, after the research conducted in the first cycle the percentage is 61.71% and in the second cycle it reaches 87.42 %. The ability of students also increases as the analysis of the value of learning outcomes is known in the initial conditions the percentage of classical learning completeness is 58.67%, in the first cycle it is 71.6%, and in the second cycle it reaches 80.8%.