Cohesion Devices as Found on "Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk" Novel in Banyumas Language


  • Moh Ilhami Hakim



discourse, cohesion, coherence


This research discusses discourse relator on Banyumas language i.e. cohesion and coherence tools. The objectives of this research is to explain about grammatical and lexical cohesion and a coherence tools in Banyumas language. The type of this research is a qualitative research. The data are taken from Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk (RDP), a novel by Ahmad Tohari in Banyumas language version. The samples in this research are the sequences of word and sentence which are involved in cohesion and coherence tools in Minangka Tambah Kangen Maring Biyung' as the first book sequence of RDP novel. The technique of collecting data which is used is reading and observing technique, that is Ahmad Tohari's RDP novel specially in Minangka Tambah Kangen Maring Biyung' as the first of RDP trilogy. The technique of analyzing data used is 'agih technique, the other name of distributional technique, that is, language using itself for explaining and describing the language element which is analyzed. Then the technique of presenting data used in this research is informal technique which the researcher uses English language for describing and explaining, and uses Banyumas vocabularies, word and sentence as the main phenomenon. The research shows that cohesion and coherence tools in Banyumas language appear as personal pronoun, reflexive, comparative, demonstrative, relative, possessive, address, synonymy, repetition and collocation. In the meaning level, they appear as additive, temporal and use meaning.