The English Teachers' Understanding of the English Curriculum 2013


  • Muljani Muljani
  • Lutfiana Lutfiana


Teachers' Understanding, Curriculum 2013


Curriculum is a foundation for carrying out teaching and learning activities in schools. It takes role in an education system. Indeed, the teacher’s involvement has pivotal rules to the curriculum development that their understanding to curriculum becomes necessary. This study aims to review the teachers’ understanding of the English Curriculum on Curriculum 2013 as the Indonesian current curriculum issue. The participants of this study are two English teachers of Vocational High School and Junior High School. The data are assembled through semi-structure interview. The result has implied  that  the teachers’ understanding to the English Curriculum 2013 is good enough and they have been implementing it consistently to the regulation although they have to deal with some constraint. Each of the teachers proposes different idea about Curriculum 2013 but still a positive  perception.