Octalysis Gamification Framework for Enhancing Students' Engagement in Language Learning


  • Trihartita Sulispera
  • Michael Recard




Gamification, Octalysys Framework, Students' Engagement


Gamification is one of the learning innovations which implement the element of games within the learning process to attract students’ attention. This paper discusses the octalysis gamification framework applied in language learning and the effect of it towards students’ engagement. The subject of this study was 25 primary students who considered have low English ability known by teacher’s handed down in the beginning of the semester and classroom observation in one of private schools in Jakarta. The data used was from lesson plans, teaching reflections, and students’ self-reflection were collected at the seventh meeting and were analysed using thematic analysis, means that this paper use mix-method data analysis.The result of this study showed that the applied octalysis gamification frameworks can improve students’ engagement proved from students’ self-reflection using Likert scale which was analysed using explanatory sequential design method. Even though it gives positive effects, there are still many things that need to be concerned by the teacher, such as classroom management. This study suggested the teacher to have clear rules and procedures of playing game, so that students are behaving a good attitude towards classroom activity even though they engaged actively and motivated during the learning process.