Teaching and Learning echniques to Trigger Students in Amusing Learning Activities


  • Pitoyo .




techniques, teaching, trigger, students, amusing, learning, activities


The main purpose of English learning for junior high school students is to prepare them in mastering communicative competence. The thing that teacher can do is preparing situations in which the students possible to learn. Creating situations to trigger the students to learn in amusing activities is the teacher’s duty rather than focusing the students to do tasks without preparing good situations. Group work is considered an essential feature of communicative language teaching. It increases language practice opportunities, improves the students talk, helps to individualize instruction, promotes a positive affective climate, and motivates the students to learn. The students working in small groups produce a greater quantity of language and also better quality of language than the students in teacher-fronted lockstep classroom setting. The writer creates some techniques to trigger students in amusing classroom activities as well as creating short cut strategies to master the basic of English grammar which will facilitate them on learning further.