A Syntactic Analysis on Sentences Found in "Go Diego Go" Eps. The Artic Rescue


  • Isna Fahimatul Kaefiyah




syntactic analysis, sentence types, sentence structure


This study aims to analyse sentence structures in “Go Diego Go†Eps. The Arctic Rescue through tree diagram. Aarts theory (2001) was used to identify the sentence type and the set of rules portrayed in the form of tree diagram. The study focused only on the discussion covering the identification of types of sentences and sentence structure. It was found that there are 294 simple sentences consisting of 191 declarative, 40 imperative, 60 interrogative, and 3 exclamative. There are 13 compound sentences (12 sentences belong to declarative and 1 imperative). Complex sentence consists of 28 sentences (15 sentences belong to declarative, 9 imperative and 4 interrogative). The compound–complex sentence comprises only 1 declarative. The finding of the analysis shows that “Go Diego Go†has all types of sentences, based on both a number of clause and their syntactic properties.