The Effectiveness of Using "Make a Match" Technique in Improving the Students' Writing Skill in Descriptive Text


  • Margono Adi Rujito
  • Imam Mahdil Umami



effectiveness, make a match technique, writing, descriptive text


The objective of this true experimental study was to find out whether “make a match†technique is effective to improve the students’ writing skill in descriptive text or not. The population was the eighth grade students of SMP Ma’arif NU 02 Paguyangan, Brebes regency in the academic year 2015/2016. The samples were class VIII A as experimental class consisting of 30 students and class VIII B as control class consisting of 30 students. The writer used statistic formula and used SPSS 16.0 Program to analyze the data collected from pre-test and post-test. The pre-test mean of experimental class was 66.33 and control class was 68.33. Meanwhile, the post-test mean of the experimental class was 74.33 and control class was 73.17. The score sig was 0.810 (more than 0.05) and the score from Equal Variance Assumed (Sig 2-tailed) was 0.046 (less than 0.05). It meant that both of classes have same variant but have difference achievement. Besides, the mean of experimental class was higher than control class (74.33 > 73.17). It could be concluded that “make a match†technique was effective to improve the students’ writing skill in descriptive text.