Online English Teaching and Learning Process During Covid 19 Pandemic at SDN 03 Bungur Central Jakarta


  • Vadilah Anggraeni



Online Learning, English Teaching, English for Young Learners


The research explores the teacher’s implementation of online English teaching and learning during the Covid 19 pandemic at SDN 3 Bungur Central Jakarta. The data are collected through interview with the English teacher at SDN 03 Central Jakarta and documentation device learning of English teaching as supporting data. There are several media learning used in online English teaching i.e WhatsApp group, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Form. The use of those learning media is based on predetermined guidelines. In learning English teacher has the principle that students feel comfortable in learning. Based on the results of the analysis, learning English is going well. This is assessed from the activeness of students in learning and the interaction between the English teacher and students which is interactive and warm.