The Students' Difficulties in Writing Narrative Text at Tenth Grade of SMK Al Hikmah 2 Sirampog in the Academic Year 2021/2022


  • Ida Lutfiatul Afifah
  • Moh. Ilhami Hakim


Students' Difficulties, Writing Narrative Text, SMK Al Hikmah 2 Sirampog


The aim of this study is to decribe the students’ difficulties in writing narrative text at tenth grade students of SMK Al Hikmah 2 Sirampog in the academic year 2021/2022. The techniques of data analysis are data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusion or interpretation. The data analysis used in this study is a qualitative research. From the results of questionnaires and interviews, the writers conclude that the students have difficulties in writing Narrative text such as their grammar knowledge related to tenses, especially the simple past tense which is still very low, they cannot distinguish between narrative texts and other types of texts, even most of them do not know narrative texts and cannot write narrative texts because they do not know the structure, they are afraid of making mistakes when writing narrative texts because they do not master a lot of vocabulary.