Expansion Analysis on Nadiem Makarm's Utterances in Learning from Covid-19 at Singapore Summit 2020


  • Ditia Pratiwi
  • Dede Nurdiawati




Expansion, Nadiem Makarim's Utterances, Clause Complex


The study is to analyze Expansion Relation on clause complex of Nadiem Makarim’s dialogue. The source of data is utterances of Nadiem Makarim in Singapore Summit 2020. The dialogue talks about education problem in that pandemic era of Covid-19. In this study, the writers analyze Elaboration, Extension and Enhancement which belong to Expansion. The writers apply Functional Grammar theory from Linda Gerot and Peter Wignell (1994). Based on characteristics of this study, the writers implement descriptive qualitative method, Simak Bebas Libat Cakap, and Teknik Bagi Unsur Langsung. The writers conduct six steps to analyze the data. Based on the analysis, it can be concluded that there are 68 clause complexes. It is found out 95 times of Elaboration, 91 times of Extension and 51 times of Enhancement. Based on the analysis, it can be concluded that the identification of Expansion is dominated by Elaboration.




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