Teacher's Strategy in Teaching English for Deaf Students at SLB Manunggal Slawi - Tegal


  • Nur Hamidah
  • Dede Nurdiawati




Teacher's Strategy, Teaching English, Deaf Students, SLB Manunggal Slawi


Teaching English for disability or special needs students is a challenge requires specific method or strategy and needs participation of all parties within the school. Deafness is one kind of physical disability. Teaching English to deaf student is so hard. The research is aimed at describing teacher’s strategy in teaching English for deaf students at SLB Manunggal Slawi. Qualitative approach is used in this research. Techniques of data collection used are observation, interview, and documentation (image). To analyse the data obtained, the writers use data collection technique, data reduction, data display, and conclusion. The result of this study shows that the teacher emphasizes on conducting effective lesson by repeating the material and checking students’ understanding periodically, individualizing instructional practices in measure each student’s ability and students’ sitting position as the classroom accommodation as her strategy for teaching deaf students. She uses Total Physical Response, Grammar Translation Method as the English language development strategies in teaching English for deaf students combined with oral speech and sign language used, SIBI. It can be concluded that the goal of teaching English by using those strategies can be achieved. Teaching English to deaf students at SLB Manunggal Slawi focuses on reading and writing skills.




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