The Effectiveness of Quiz-Quiz trade Game to Improve the Students' Vocabulary Mastery at the Fourth Grade of MI Ma'arif Banjarsari in the Academic Year 2021/2022


  • Maurizka Khaerunisa Mufa
  • Dede Nurdiawati



The problems that are often faced by students in mastering English vocabulary is difficulty in memorizing the words. Quiz-quiz trade game is one of the techniques that offers the students to memorize vocabulary easily. Thus, by using quiz–quiz trade game can help the fourth-grade students to improve their vocabulary mastery. The aim of this research is to find out whether using quiz–quiz trade game is effective or not to improve students’ vocabulary mastery on the fourth-grade students. This research uses a true experimental study. This research collects the data from observation, documentation, and test. T-test is used to test the hypothesis. The result of t-test is to 3,956 > ttable 1,697, in other words Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. The writers conclude that the quiz–quiz trade game is effective to improve students’ vocabulary mastery on the fourth-grade students of MI Ma’arif NU Banjarsari.

Keywords: quiz quiz trade game, vocabulary mastery, the fourth grade students, MI Ma'arif NU Banjarsari




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