The Interpersonal Communication Skill Used by the Tour Guide in Borobudur Temple Area


  • Nindya Susilo
  • Dede Nurdiawati



Communication is one way for humans to interact with other. Communication is also a way for humans to give or get information. In tourism sector, tour guides must have good communication to speak with tourist. The aim of this thesis is to describe the Interpersonal communication skill used by the tour guides in Borobudur Temple area. To answer the question, the writers uses Joseph DeVito Theory about the effectiveness of interpersonal communication. The findings show the aspect of Interpersonal communication by the tour guides in Borobudur Temple area. The aspects are openness, positiveness, supportiveness, empathy, and equality. The Interpersonal communication used by tour guides in Borobudur Temple went well and effectively, all the tour guides can apply 5 aspect of Interpersonal communication such as tell the truth, think positively, support with the tourist, have empathy with the tourist, and respect to other culture.


Keywords: Interpersonal Communication, Tour Guides, Borobudur Temple, Tourist, Tourism Sector




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