The Transformation of Narrative Structure in True Story Gitta Sessa Wanda Cantika a Novel by Agnes Danovar and Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan a Movie by Harris Nizam


  • Yuniar Fatmasari
  • Latifah Dwi Ariyani



This descriptive qualitative study finds out the transformation of narrative structure in two literary works that is a novel entitled True Story Gitta Sessa Wanda Cantika by Agnes Danovar and a movie by Harris Nizam entitled Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan. The intertextuality theory in reception becomes the base of the study. The technique of obtaining the data is by reading the novel and watching the movie carefully. All data is categorized based on the topic of discussion then described in details. The result shows that there are transformation in narrative structure of both works each on the characterization, settings, and plot. The transformation indicates that the novel is responded and given meaning in the following work i.e. movie by Harris Nizam. The characterization is seen from the aspects of naming, personality, and internal conflict. The setting is from the addition and reduction of setting, meanwhile the plot is seen from the startup of the story, the complexness of the conflict, and the presentation of ending.