Code System in a Short Story Entitled "Bungkusan" Written by Herman RN


  • Yuniar Fatmasari



Short Story Entitled, Five System of Barthesian Codes, Hermeneutic Code, Cultural Code, Symbolic Code, Proairetic/Narrative Code, Semantic Code


This study reveals the meaning of short story written by Herman RN entitled “Bungkusan†using the five system of Barthesian codes i.e. hermeneutic, cultural, symbolic, narrative and semantic code. Using the method of descriptive analysis, this study presents the meaning of the short story by explaining one by one the code meaning of the text. The result of the study shows that through five system of Barthesian codes, the humanity facts containing in the short story can be realized i.e. the protest toward the uncertainty of Aceh’s social life. An unstoppable political conflict, rapid modernization, as well as natural disasters are the factors underlining the facts found in the short story.




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