The Analysis of English Noun Phrase Formation on Hotel Brochures in Yogyakarta


  • Febrian Sukma Wijayanto
  • Yuniar Fatmasari



English noun phrase formation, hotel brochures Yogyakarta


The aim of this study is to analyse English noun phrase formation on brochures of five hotels in Yogyakarta. This is a descriptive qualitative study in which data are taken from the hotels at Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta. They are Amaris Hotels, Grand Puri Saron Hotels, Grand Puri Saron boutique Hotels, Mataram 2 Hotels, and Pyrenees Hotels. The techniques of data analysis are dividing all the phrase in brochures into its phrase types, rewriting each phrase using tree diagram, describing the formation of noun phrase from the hotels’ brochures, and drawing conclusion. The study finds that there are 221 noun phrases found in brochures of five hotels in Yogyakarta. Based on the result, there are 16 rule types of noun phrases found. Those rules of English noun phrase consist of: 1 NP → Adj + N + N + N, 2 NP → Det + Adj + Adj + N, NP → Adj + N, NP → N + N, NP → Det + N, NP → Adj + Adj + N, NP → N+ N + N, NP → N + Prep + N, NP → Adj+ N + N, NP → Adj + N + Prep + N, NP → V + N, NP → Adj + N + Prep +N, NP → Adv + Adj + N, NP → Det + N +Prep + Det + N, NP → N + Prep + V, NP → N + Adj. The domination of the rule type of English noun phrases formation on hotel brochures is NP → N + N.




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