English Acquisition of Pedicab Drivers in Malioboro Street


  • Ratih Nur Magupita
  • Yuniar Fatmasari




acquisition, pedicab drivers, informal learning, Malioboro Street


This study aims to find out the informal strategy used by the pedicab drivers in Malioboro Street and the implementation of English. The type of this study is a descriptive qualitative in which the data are taken from in-depth interview. This study finds that the pedicab drivers in Malioboro Street commonly use the strategies of informal learning to learn English such as learning independently, memorization and repetition method, and learning everytime and everywhere. There are several factors affecting the success of pedicab drivers in acquiring English such as age, educational background, and motivation. The pedicab drivers use English to communicate with foreign tourist and some of them implement their English not only at the work place but also at home for joke with their family.




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