Language Style in "The Big Read" Story Book Combined by Team of Global Campaign for Education at April 2009


  • Mita Aryani
  • Yuniar Fatmasari



Language Style, Story Book, The Big Read


The writers choose to research the language style because everyone has their own language style whether in spoken or written context. This is where the writers find and want to know the problem regarding how the language styles are used in written text, especially in story book. The aim of this study is to describe language style in “The Big Read†story book combined by team of Global Campaign for Education at April 2009. This is a descriptive qualitative study in which the data are taken from “The Big Read†story book. Based on the result of the study, the study finds out that language style used in “The Big Read†story book. The research finds that there are four types of language style in “The Big Read†story book: (1) formal style, (2) consultative style, (3) casual style, (4) intimate style. The mostly type of language style that occurs in “The Big Read†story book is casual style. The finding of this study shows the calculating of language style, which are: 51 casual styles, 17 intimate styles, 10 formal styles, and 3 consultative styles. From the whole of the analysis and the data, the result of this study is covered and answers the research question.




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