Error Analysis on English Diphtongs Pronounced by Indonesian Students in English Debate Competition Posted in Youtube


  • Kartika Mayang Sari
  • Yuniar Fatmasari



error, diphthongs, pronunciation


This study is to analyse the diphthong mispronunciation of debate participants from Indonesia especially students in Senior High School of North Aceh Regional. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. The writer uses A.C Gimson (1970) and Ramelan (1999) theory about English pronunciation to support the study of diphthong. The source of data in this research is the English debate competition video in Aceh entitled “English Debate Senior High School and Equivalent Level Aceh Regional†as posted in youtube on April, 2015 from Al Azhar Thaha youtube account with 930 total subscribers. The writer uses some techniques to collect the data such as: downloading, listening carefully, and transcribing the debate video from youtube. To analyse the data the writer uses Dividing Key Factors Techniques. The steps are: identifying, categorizing and drawing the conclusion. The writer finds that there are 3 most mispronounced diphthong based on its occurrence such as [eɪ], [əʊ], [aɪ].The errors in pronouncing English diphthong were assumed to be affected by 4 factors which are: misimitating, mispronouncing caused by cultural sound adjustification, and dialect.




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