Representation of Women Body in Middleton's "Women Beware Women"


  • Yuniar Fatmasari



man, woman, oppression, objectification, woman’s body, representation, motherhood, sexual pleasure


This essay is on an attempt of finding representation of women body, as assumed flourished in Middleton’s “Women Beware Womenâ€. The issue of embodiment has recently been prominent in western philosophy in time philosophy starts its concept on body as simply one biological object among others, part of a biological nature, as well as an instrument to be directed and a possible source of disruption to be controlled. For feminists, the opposition between mind and body has also been correlated with an opposition between male and female, with the female regarded as enmeshed in her bodily existence in a way that makes attainment of rationality questionable. Female character occupying mostly plots gives specific advantages for the question of embodiment to satisfy.




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