Derivational Analysis on The Jakarta Post Article "Lesson Learned From Nov, 4 Protest"


  • Siti Nurfaizah
  • Urip Tanggoro



analysis, derivation, The Jakarta Post Article, “Lesson Learned from Nov, 4 Protest”


The objective of this study is to analyse the derivational process in The Jakarta Post article “Lesson Learned from Nov. 4 Protestâ€. This study is descriptive qualitative. The technique of collecting the data uses Simak Bebas Libat Cakap. The technique of analysis the data applies Teknik Bagi Unsur Langsung. In analysing the data, the writers use some steps. Those are: listing all derivational words in the article,  segmenting each derivational words by using segmenting immediate constituents technique (Teknik Bagi Unsur Langsung), identifying the derivational affix, describing the analysis through tree diagram, and establishing conclusion from the analysis as interpretation the findings. This study shows that there are 95 derivational words consisting of 5 derivational prefix, 69 derivational suffix, 20 multiple derivations, and 1 zero-derivation or conversion. From the findings and the analysis, it is found that there are 13 kinds of structures of all derivations. They consist of 2 kinds of structures of derivational prefix, 3 kinds of structures of derivational suffix, 7 kinds of structures of multiple derivations, and 1 structure of zero-derivation or conversion.