The Use of Instructional Media to Improve Students' Motivation in Learning English


  • Urip Tanggoro


instructional media, learning motivation, teaching-learning process


The major problem of teaching English faced by the teachers in class seems that learners are not interested in studying. There are some factors why it happened. One of them is the limitation of instructional media in English teaching-learning process. There are many kinds of instructional media that the teachers can use in teaching process from the simplest ones to the complex or modern ones as cited in Depdiknas (2005). They are: visual, audio, audio-visual, tactile, and virtual. According to Sukartiwi (1996), the advantages of using media in teaching-learning process are: to increase the learners’ motivation, to avoid the learners bored, to make the learners easy to understand the material, and to make the teaching learning process more systematic. The role of media is very important in English teaching-learning process to achieve the instructional goal. Among the implicit goals that media can be helped by teachers to achieve are as follows: attracting attention, developing interest, adjusting the learning climate, and promoting acceptance (of an idea).