The Effectiveness of Memrise Online Application on Vocabulary Mastery of the Tenth Grade BDP Students of SMK Al-Furqon Bantarkawung


  • Eka Wahyuning Tyas
  • Dede Nurdiawati



Without vocabulary, it is difficult for the students to express their opinions, ideas, and feelings. Memrise online application is a software application that offers the users to memorize vocabulary easily. The tenth grade BDP (Bisnis Daring dan Pemasaran) students of SMK Al-Furqon Bantarkawung are still lack of vocabulary. The purpose of this research is to find out whether Memrise online application is effective or not on vocabulary mastery for them. This is an experimental research. The data of the research are collected from tests, questionnaire, and documentation. T-test is used to test the hypothesis. The result finds that tvalue is 0.063 and significant of level 0.05, the score of ttable is 1.67252. The calculation shows that tvalue is lowest than ttable. Thus, H0 is accepted and Ha is rejected. 100% students are present studying Memrise on vocabulary mastery for them, but they have a problem when using it, such as: connecting internet and smartphone.  The writers conclude that Memrise Online application is not effective on vocabulary mastery for the tenth grade BDP students of SMK Al-Furqon Bantarkawung.