Motif of Nature in William Wordsworth's My Leaps Up" and Robert Frost's "Out Out": A Sociological Approach


  • Yuniar Fatmasari



social situation, nature, industrial revolution, poems


This article is to figure out the motif of Wordsworth’s My Heart Leaps Up and Frost’s Out Out as well as to reveal its relation with the social situation in time the poems were created. Through the motif of the poems, it is assumed that it represents the social situation happened in England’ 17th century and early America’s 19th century. Written in different way and time, both poems are presumed to have similar point of view toward the condition of real life happened during the industrial revolution both in England and America. Wordsworth’s My Heart Leaps Up was written in 1802 in England, while Frost’s Out Out was in 1916 in America. Although Frost’s Out Out is written a hundred year later than the former, both poems are believed to have similar motif and theme. To prove, an analysis of the symbols on both poems is conducted to find the structure of the poems i.e. the motif and theme.  By using sociological approach, the finding structure will support the elaboration of relation between the poems and its social situation.