Subtitling Analysis of Gary Dauberman's Annabelle Movie Translated by Teguh Eka Purwanto Rahardjo


  • Fini Septika Yuni
  • Sri Murtiningsih



translation, subtitling, strategies, Anabelle movie


The aim of these thesis was to analyze the mostly used subtitling procedures to translate script of Annabelle movie into Indonesian. The study employes a qualitative research and the technique of analysis descriptive method. These was descriptive method, which attempts to describe the subtitling strategies which were used in Annabelle movie. In this study, the writer chose descriptive qualitative method because the purpose of these study was to describe the phenomena of tanslation, expecially the subtitling strategies which are used in Annabelle movie. The analyzed data were presented based on the sequence of the data list those can be seen in the appendix table (data list from Annabelle movie). Based on 662 data, it was found 8 strategies such as transfer, imitation, transcription, expansion, paraphrase, condensation, deletion and decimation. subtitling strategies used by subtitler of Annabelle movie were transfer, paraphrase, imitation, condensation, deletion, decimation, transcription, and expansion. From the movie subtitle, the total number of data was 662, with the following details: transfer occuring in this study was found for 289 (4,4%) data, paraphrase was 199 (3,00%) data, imitation was 120 (1,81%) data, condensation was 37 (0,55%) data, deletion was 9 (0,13%) data, decimation was 6 (0,09%) data, transcription was 1 (0,01%) data and expansion was 1 (0,01%) data. There were two subtitling which was not found in analyzing the movie. First, Dislocation was not used by the subtitler because these strategy was only used to translate a song and in this movie there was no song. Second, resignation strategy was also not used by the subtitler because in this movie there was no utterance which was “untranslatableâ€.




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