Improving the Students' Writing Skill in Descriptive Text Through Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM)


  • Minsye Ainin Mahdiya
  • Sri Murtiningsih



Improving, PWIM, Writing Skill, Descriptive Text, Online Learning


The aim of this research is to improve the students’ writing skill in descriptive text through PWIM. The subject of this research is the students of SMP An-Nuriyyah Bumiayu in the academic year 2019/2020 at class VII D. There are 29 students consisting of 17 males and 12 females. The writers apply classroom action research through online learning because of Covid-19 pandemic, based on Kemmiss’ and Mc. Taggart’s concept: planning, action, observation, reflection and revised plan. There are four techniques in collecting the data, namely observation, test, questionnaire, and documentation. The research is conducted in two cycles. The first cycle consists of two meetings (pre-test) and for the second cycle consists two meetings (post-test). To find out the problem, the writers conduct pre-observation and pre-test. The result shows that the students’ English writing test can be improved in each test. The increase obtained from pre-cycle to cycle 1 is 6,7%, and the increase from cycle 1 to cycle 2 is 22,2%. In pre-cycle to cycle 1 the mean score of the students in pre-test is 63 and post-test is 77. It reaches out the point 72 as the minimum criteria of mastery learning of English lesson. Based on the result, the students’ writing skill can be improved through PWIM in online teaching learning process.




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