Improving the Students’ English Pronunciation through English with Lucy Youtube Video


  • Eka Istiyani
  • Sri Murtiningsih



Pronunciation, English with Lucy YouTube Video


The aim of the research is to improve the students’ pronunciation through English with Lucy YouTube Video. The subject of the research is 32 students at the eleventh grade of social science of MA Ma’arif NU 1 Cilongok academic year 2019/2020. The writers use classroom action research based on Kemmis and Mc. Taggart concept as research design. The writers conduct the research in two cycles consists of planning, action, observation and reflection in each cycle. The writers use oral test, observation, questionnaire and documentation as technique of data collection. The students’ pronunciation is improved through the implementation of English with Lucy YouTube Video. The result of the students mean score in pre- test is 69 and the result of students mean score in post-test is 75. It means that the classroom action research is success. The result of students’ mean score of post-test shows the improvement, in which it reaches out the score 70 as the KKM of English lesson. The result of questionnaire shows that 86% students enjoy the learning process using English with Lucy YouTube Video. The students become more active and confidence during the learning process. According to the teachers, English with Lucy YouTube Video can be used as media in teaching English pronunciation.




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