Pragmatic Analysis of Expressive Utterances Used in Juries Comment on the U.S.A. X-Factor Season 1


  • Mirza Eman Sulaiman
  • Sri Murtiningsih



pragmatic analysis, expressive utterance, jury comment


The aim of this study is to analyze the kinds of expressive utterance used in juries comment on the U.S.A X- Factor Season 1. This research is descriptive qualitative method. Then, the writers use theory from Searle (1979) to analyze Expressive Utterance. The source of data in this research is taken from U.S.A X-Factor Season 1 video which is a transcript. The writers use some techniques to analyze the data: downloading the video from website, watching the video, transcribing the video by using documentation technique and applying Simak Bebas Libat Cakap (SLBC) method to process the data, rewriting the transcript into sentence by using segmenting immediate constituent technique (Teknik Bagi Unsur Langsung), identifying the expressive utterance, describing the analysis, and drawing the conclusion. From the finding of analysis, the writers find out 150 expressive utterances which include 10 apologizing utterances, 8 thanking utterances, 7 congratulating utterances, 36 complaining utterances, 17 protesting utterances, 1 deploring utterance, 2 boasting utterance, 57 complimenting utterances, and 12 welcoming utterances. In addition, there are 2 kinds of expressive utterance that are not found by the writers in this analysis, which are condoling expression and lamenting expression.




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