The Analysis of Derivational Process on BBC News Article "Why Has Russia Invaded Ukraine and What Does Putin Want?"


  • Visae Yunia Pradana
  • S.R. Pramudyawardhani



The objective of the study is to analyse the derivational process in The BBC News article “Why has Russia invaded Ukraine and does Putin want?”. This study uses Descriptive Qualitative. The technique of collecting data uses “Simak Bebas Libat Cakap”. The technique of data analysis applies “Teknik Bagi Unsur Langsung“. To analyse the data, the writers uses some steps, such as listing all derivational words in the article, segmenting each derivational words by using segmenting immediate constituent’s technique, identifying the derivational affix, describing the analysis through tree diagram, and establishing conclusion from the analysis as interpertation the findings. This research shows that there are 95 derivational words containing 6 derivational prefixes, 77 derivational suffixes and 12 multiple derivations. From the findings and analysis, derivational affixes that can be found can be distributed into 12 kinds of structure which are composed 3 kinds of structure of derivational prefix, 3 kinds of structures of derivational suffix, and 6 kinds of structure of multiple derivations.


Keywords: Derivation, BBC News Article




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