Predicate Analysis Syntactically and Semantically on Queen Elizabeth II's Speech in United Kingdom Parliament


  • Novi Astuti
  • S.R. Pramudyawardhani



Predicate Analysis Syntactically, Predicate Analysis Semantically, Queen Elizabeth II Speech


The objective of this study is to find out the difference of predicates analysis syntactically and semantically on Queen Elizabeth II speech in United Kingdom parliament. In this study, the writers analyse predicates syntactically and semantically. To collect the data, the writers apply descriptive qualitative and Simak Bebas Libat Cakap (SBLC) as the method. The data are taken from one of the speeches of Queen Elizabeth II in the internet. The writers implement some techniques to analyse the data. The writers download the speech script in the internet, write down the script, divide all the data in speech into clauses, rewrite each clause, label or identify the parts of the clauses in terms of predicate syntactically and semantically, describe the predicate analysis syntactically and semantically in speech, compare the result of predicate analysis syntactically and semantically, and draw conclusion. Finally, from the result of the comparison of predicates analysis syntactically and semantically on Queen Elizabeth II’s Speech in United Kingdom Parliament, it can be concluded that in the analysis it is found 24 one-place predicates, 15 two-place predicates, and 1 three-place predicate.




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