Deixis Analysis on "Front of the Class" Movie Script


  • Rina Ulfaningtiyas
  • S.R. Pramudyawardhani



Deixis Analysis, Front of the Class, Movie Script


The objective of the study is to analyse the deixis realized in a movie script entitled “Front of the Classâ€. In collecting the data, the writers conduct descriptive qualitative and Simak Bebas Libat Cakap (SBLC) as the method. In this research, the writers apply George Yule’s theory. The writers implement six steps to analyze the data, which are downloading the movie script entitled “Front of the Classâ€, writing down and classifying the utterances spoken by the main character Bradley Cohen, identifying the deixis of each utterance, describing each analysis of deixis, interpreting the findings of the analysis, and drawing the conclusion from all the descriptions of the analysis. Finally, based on the result of deixis analysis on “Front of the Class†movie script, there are 241 utterances spoken by the main character which are classified into three kinds of deixis. The amount of person deixis is 740 which belong to singular and plural pronouns, 84 spatial deixis and 32 temporal deixis. It can be concluded that person deixis is the most dominant of deixis found in “Front of the Class†movie script.




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